Vok baths from above.
From the above the pools look like holes in the ice – which is the meaning of vok. Photos: Martijn Veenman / Vok Baths

Nutrition for the body and soul

Geothermal living

The hot water in lake Urridavatn is used for bathing in Vök Baths, brewing tea and beer – and cooking at Vök Bistro. “I feel the stress drain away in this unique blend of hot and cold water from Urridavatn lake by Egilsstadir in East Iceland.”

Opening weekend at Blafjoll ski resort. Photo: Roman Gerasymenko

Snow business

Sensational ski destinations in Iceland and Greenland

Before I came to Iceland, my only snow-sporting skills were making snow angels and snowmen, and throwing (and dodging) snowballs. Less than 48 hours after landing, I had traded my winter coat and boots for a snowsuit and a set of skis…

Connecting the North